it's hard to believe i'm moving on, this blog has been good to me but it's time!! my business has grown and changed and it's on to bigger and better.  so wipe your tear and say a cheer, then head on over to 

MY NEW SITE!!!!! (yep you where suppose to click on that link!!)

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Help Someone in Need & Get Pics for You!!

Many of you know I am heading an amazing day called Help-Portrait in Greenville on December 10th.  This day is a day for us to use our talents and skills to give back.  To remind people that they are beautiful and important.  

To make this day a success there are many items that still need to be purchased, such as paper and ink to print images on site. This cost alone is huge and we need your help!! To show you how much we appreciate your help I have the privilege of announcing the names of 4 local photographers as well as myself that are donating their services in a drawing to help us meet our goal!!

That's right people I'm talking about professional photographers that have excelled in their field and believe so much in this day that they are willing to give their time and talents to you as well!! For every $25 you donate you will be entered in a drawing for a free mini session for up to 4 people, lasting 30 minutes, as well as a CD with 15 high res images completely edited...printing rights are included!!  Now there are a few things you should know...

#1 - these sessions have to be used by June 1, 2012 and the date has to be mutual between the photographer and the winner.

#2 - the money raised is not tax deductible but will go straight to Help-Portrait Greenville NC to cover all expenses.

#3 - names will be drawn randomly and you will be matched randomly with one of our amazing photographers 

#4 - you have to stop reading this and click this pay pal button to have a chance in this drawing...SO GET TO IT!!!!!!!

#5 - drawing will end on Monday December at 5pm.  Winners will be notified and I will be giving shout outs here to let you know!!!

Now to introduce the phenomenal photographers...make sure you click their name to check out their work!!

Elizabeth Cayton Photography        

Eric Jones Photography          

Fresh Photography      

Erica Letchworth Photography     

(and me) Crutchfield Photography   

so don't wait!!! go donate your $25 and enter this drawing, the donate button is it!!! 


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It's that time again.... looking for the perfect present?

Because of the amount of time I spend working with clients I'm always limited on being able to share what I've learned.  Again this year I will be offering small classes as well as one on one sessions to those who want to learn how to get the image you want with your camera.  These classes are designed to teach you how to understand your camera so you are in control of the photo not the camera.  These classes and individual times are limited and will be available on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS!! So if you are looking for that perfect present for the person that loves photography, here you go!!!


Beginners/Intro class

 The Beginners/Intro class will focus on learning more about your camera, distinguishing the different settings and why they are important. This class is a mixture of a short lecture, observation, then hands on learning.  A head-shot of each participant will be done by me - copyrights of image will be provided to each participant! This class will be limited to 5 people and will last 2.5 hours.  Each participant is asked to bring their SLR camera.  

Cost is $150  The following dates are open: January 21st, February 25th, & March 10th


Advanced Class 

The Advanced Class will go into more detail teaching you how to achieve the image you want by using the manual settings on your camera in different lighting scenarios. Students will observe me in a working environment then a model will be provided for them to practice their skills followed by a critique of their work. Each participant will also receive a head-shot done by me - copyrights of image will be provided to each participant! This class is limited to 4 people and will last 3 hours plus a meal with a question/answer period Each participant is asked to bring their SLR camera.

Cost is $185  The following dates are open: January 21st, February 25th, & March 10th


One on One Photoshop/Photography 

Are you a hands on learner that is ready to go to the next level in your photography/editing but you need a little more direction?? Then a one one one session is perfect for you.  Sessions are a minimum of 2 hours and are customized to the area you want to learn/grow.  

Cost is $75 per hour-weekday rates or $125 per hour -evening/weekend rates

Daily rates: (9:00-5:00) $500 does include lunch, session with a model, step by step guide in editing the session, and a mini session of participant shot by me with the copyrights to images provided to participant. These sessions are VERY limited!!!

** all sessions and participants are at the discretion of Crutchfield Photography**

To book a date or reserve a spot for you or someone you love contact me at 252-355-5558 or at

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Happy 8th Birthday Seth!!!

I remember riding in the car and watching my belly unnaturally roll from side to side - Beth H was convinced I was carrying an alien.  I remember walking for miles trying to persuade you to come out and my sweet friend, Beth R, that walked with me no matter how far I waddled.  I remember uncomfortably shifting back and forth at church the day before I went into labor and all those around me eyeing me nervously like "please don't have your kid here". Those are so such sweet and funny memories that always make me smile.  But maybe the sweeter memories are the ones I've had since you were born.  Like when you use to stand in your crib and call..Boo! Boo! Or the way you learned to climb before you could walk, proving to us Oreos were not safe not matter what cabinet they went in. Or how you had the sweetest crush on Elizabeth and how we had to prep you for months that she was about to have a baby of her own. Or the way you loved your Pappa and still love your grandma, memaw, and grandpa with an unyielding devotion. Or the way you follow your daddy like a puppy dog as soon as he's home or laugh with your brother proving he is your best friend.  Or the sweet smile you give on a daily basis that makes my heart feel like it literally may melt and the way you randomly tell me you love me...those are all the memories that I will forever hold dear to my heart! So today sweet Seth on your birthday I wish you all the joy and happiness your small heart can hold!! May you always know the love that surrounds you and may you enjoy life everyday to the fullest!!! May the Lord shower his blessings on you and continue to cover you in his grace and mercy. And may you always know no matter how tall you grow or old you get that you will always be my baby!!! 

(taken by the fabulous, Edmund Prieto)

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Things I love......

The only good part about flying through Charlotte is I get to restock on this amazing stuff from the Body Shop  and to make it better as I ran through (and I do mean literally ran through) this time it was on sale for $10....SCORE!!!!! The smell of it makes any morning better!!

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