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Happy 8th Birthday Seth!!!

I remember riding in the car and watching my belly unnaturally roll from side to side - Beth H was convinced I was carrying an alien.  I remember walking for miles trying to persuade you to come out and my sweet friend, Beth R, that walked with me no matter how far I waddled.  I remember uncomfortably shifting back and forth at church the day before I went into labor and all those around me eyeing me nervously like "please don't have your kid here". Those are so such sweet and funny memories that always make me smile.  But maybe the sweeter memories are the ones I've had since you were born.  Like when you use to stand in your crib and call..Boo! Boo! Or the way you learned to climb before you could walk, proving to us Oreos were not safe not matter what cabinet they went in. Or how you had the sweetest crush on Elizabeth and how we had to prep you for months that she was about to have a baby of her own. Or the way you loved your Pappa and still love your grandma, memaw, and grandpa with an unyielding devotion. Or the way you follow your daddy like a puppy dog as soon as he's home or laugh with your brother proving he is your best friend.  Or the sweet smile you give on a daily basis that makes my heart feel like it literally may melt and the way you randomly tell me you love me...those are all the memories that I will forever hold dear to my heart! So today sweet Seth on your birthday I wish you all the joy and happiness your small heart can hold!! May you always know the love that surrounds you and may you enjoy life everyday to the fullest!!! May the Lord shower his blessings on you and continue to cover you in his grace and mercy. And may you always know no matter how tall you grow or old you get that you will always be my baby!!! 

(taken by the fabulous, Edmund Prieto)

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 07:38AM by Registered CommenterCrutchfield Photography | Comments1 Comment

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Seth,as you celebrate your 8th birthday, know that you hold a special place in Grandma's heart,even when you do things you know you shouldn't,then you come back with that smile & say Grandma "I'm sorry"..or when you say can I sleep with you or can we make the coffee pot now, those are a few things that are special because they are so you..Pray as you celebrate Sunday it will be one of the best days you have had in a long while..LOVE U BIG FELLA!!

September 15, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermlm

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