Wedding Photography - Rock Springs - Greenville NC - Kure & JD

When their wedding day got here, I was in awe in the amount of people that where present to witness the marriage of these two.  And not just guests, they had the biggest wedding party I have ever seen!! It was important to Kure and JD that everyone that had loved and supported them be included in their day.  They didn't want anyone left out.  Which is perfect for them because if you ever meet this couple, they could definitely be described as the momma and pappa of the group.  They are always making sure everyone is ok and taken care of.  You hear the saying a lot of time.... They were made for each other! Well that slogan fits them to a T!! When I think of a couple that will be rocking on the front porch 50 years from now watching their grandchildren run through the yard, I think of them!

Kure and JD, you guys have weathered many trials at such a young age but you have done it together!! Your wedding day was one that will go down in the books and being part of it was awesome! 

Family Photography - Greenville NC - The Kwon Family

When I photograph friends I grew up with, it's kind of surreal to know we actually are adults with children.  I mean as kids, all we wanted to do was to grow up. To make our own choices, live our own lives, drive are own cars, have our own families, and as I look around I realize we made it!! And the coolest part of it all, is to see that we are making right choices (well most of us..haha)!! We are fully functional adults, that have homes and cars, husbands and kids, and lots of memories to help us remember the good ole' days!!

Corey is one of those friends. I remember one day years ago at her house at the sound, her mom trying to convince me to try okra.  I didn't even know what okra was and if you asked me I was sure with just one bite it could kill me.  I remember us going to Bush Gardens with my family and Corey swearing my dad's car talked to her, or dressing up for prom (which by the way was a big deal for those of us who weren't a big fan of dresses), and heading off to college to cheer on our Pirates.  Corey is one of those friends that I never doubted would end up as a fully functional adult.  Even as kids, she always knew the right thing to say and when to say it.  Years later I know I can still call Corey and laugh about old memories and know we'll always be able to create new ones!! 

Corey, I know this post is a long time a coming but you really are a special friend, you always have been and I'm sure you always will be!! 

Aaron & Lauren - Greenville NC

So I've known this family for some time and simply they are plain and simple good folk!! Thinking back I'm not even really sure how I met them but somehow I did and I can honestly say I am better for it.  So when I was looking for a couple to model for me while doing a mentor session with another photographer, I knew they would be a perfect fit.  I needed a couple that would be comfortable in front of the camera and who could love loving on each other and boy could they ever.  All I can say is, God said it was a good thing for a man and woman to be married and they are living examples!!  Just kidding, well not really...haha!!

So here they are, the cutest most lovable couple ever!!

Family Photography - Greenville NC - Mimi

There's certain things about each shoot that stand out and this session was no different.  The day of our shoot, I walked up and  I was IN LOVE!! In love with the colors Mimi had chose!  Like the "fluttering of your heart" kind of love when you see "the one"  The colors were perfect!! They weren't so matchy, matchy and they weren't unmatchy for lack of better terms. They were...PERFECT!!! 

But the greatness of the shoot didn't just stop with the clothes, these guys were funny!! They had me laughing so hard, I had to hold my breathe at times so my camera wasn't shaking from laughter.  Now that's a fun session!! If you don't believe me, then check out these great colors and beautiful smiles!

Cruise 2011 - Fascination

This past February after over a year of planning our family took a cruise with all of Chris' side of the family but the coolest part was we surprised my mom and took her too!! I know the past few years haven't been easy on my mom since my dad has passed away. So more than anything I just wanted my mom to have a week to relax and be catered to like she deserves!!! Seeing my mom smile and enjoy herself was the best part of the entire trip! I will always remember this trip and I hope to have more trips in the future!! Love you mom!!

Of course there were a ton of pics so I pulled a few of my favorites to make a slideshow of our week together!!