Mary & Bret - Greenville NC

I was so touched by Mary's original email I couldn't wait to meet her!! She had recently been diagnosed with cancer and she wanted to do a session before she lost her hair.  But when I read her email, there wasn't a sadness in her tone at all.  She wasn't using this as a sad moment but a chance to document her journey and remember this point in her life.  And months later through treatment, trials, and hair loss her strength and determination are still there.  This is just a portion of her last message to me after she explained her new course of treatment and her hopes to be done by the holidays....

"I'm hoping to start focusing on running after Jan and am planning to run a half marathon next June, a full marathon by next Nov and want to do an ultra marathon either 31 or 50 miles next year too."

WHAT???? Mary you are my HERO!!! Not just for battling cancer but for having the determination to live life and not let cancer stand in your way!! So many people are affected by the trials of life and they simply quit living!!  I can't tell you how happy I am to have met you and call you a friend!!  You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure so many!!  I can't wait for you to cross that finish line and I know you will!!

But before I post a few of my favs from our session, I also have to brag on her mad skills at making scarves!! For those of you who know me you know i love me some scarves!!! Well on her photo shoot, Mary was wearing one.  When I commented on it, she told me she made it.  A few weeks later I opened the mailbox to be surprised by a handmade scarf made by Mary just for me.  I really have the best clients in the world!! Every time I wear my scarf, I will remember Mary's strength & courage & I will be reminded to pray for my beautiful friend Mary!!

Are you looking for a deal on it is!!

So here it is, next Saturday's appointment in Raleigh feel through and I'm feeling a little out of the ordinary since we are about to go on vacation.  So..... I am opening up next Saturday afternoon for pictures at a super cheap discounted price.  I don't run many specials anymore because I simply don't have the time to do extra things so this is a one shot deal!!  

Sessions will be 30 minutes long and with the session you will also get a disc of your all your final images.  For those of you who know me you know this is something I do not generally do!!! I hold my images at high regard so typically if you purchase the rights from your session it is $500 plus your session fee.  

So for next Saturday only, your 30 minute session plus your disc of final images with copyrights is $225. This price includes up to 4 people, additional people can be added for a fee. I'm doing first come first serve and will book in the order I receive requests!!  So if you want a session make sure you contact me ASAP!! You can email me at or call 252-355-5558.

And because no post should go without pictures check out Seth tasting some sour candy..haha!!

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Indian Wedding - Greenville NC - Reshma & Satish

I had the honor and privilege of capturing my very first Indian wedding back in February. I have always been intrigued by the amazing colors that are present in these ceremonies.  This particular ceremony was attended by the immediate family only, so I was able to capture the intimacy of a small group setting as well as the amazing traditions of their culture.

Reshma and Satish, thanks for inviting me to be apart of your day and capturing your memories!! Your wedding was beautiful and I couldn't be more happy to be a part of it!!

Daffodil Photography - Winterville NC - 2011

So months later after they have bloomed and died I am finally getting around to blogging a few of my favs from this years Daffodil pictures.  I didn't do many this year only a select few but it was still enough to remind me of the beauty that draws crowds from miles around! No matter how old I get I think I always enjoy the beauty of these beautiful flowers!!

Children Photography - Greenville NC - Harrell kids

So this is a long time a coming but I had to do a post on this 3 adorable lil ones!! Kristen actually came in contact with me by a referral from another photographer and I couldn't be happier!! I was amazed by the motherly role her oldest daughter took as she interacted with the youngest two.  She was gentle and caring and willing to do anything in her power to help get a good smile!! But enough rambling, on to the goods....check out these adorable kids!!!