Happy Happy Birthday Crystal!!!

People have many different family dynamics..... some good, some bad.  But I am blessed to be surrounded with an amazing family!! And one of my most special family members is celebrating her birthday today!! 

Dearest Crystal

I knew from the time we met that you were special.  There was a sparkle in your eye and a gentleness in your spirit that could draw anyone!!  Through the years we have laughed and cried and shared many special moments!! I couldn't ask for a better sister in my life!! I know miles separate us but night or day I know if I needed something you would be there! You are an amazing wife,  a marvelous mom, incredible daughter, unbelievable sister, loving friend, and inspiring person!! I'm so glad Todd asked for your hand in marriage and you said yes!  I hope today and everyday you know how much your life is celebrated and how significant you are to so many!!  I love you so so so much!!!! Happy Birthday!!! 

DISCLAIMER:  Before some of you see these pictures and wonder why my husband is kissing my sister in law, my husband is a twin :) We share many things in our family but we don't share that ;)


Children Photography - Greenville NC - Charlotte - 6 months

There is nothing that brings a smile to my face quicker than a sweet ole' baby that smiles from their head to their toes!!!  And so you will completely understand why I LOVED shooting little Charlotte!! She was full of smiles!!  Crystal, you guys have a beautiful little girl!! Thanks for choosing me to capture this special time milestone in her life!!

Engagement Photography - Greenville NC - Danielle & Richard

This post is long overdue!! These guys are super laid back and full of trust! When I got excited like a kid in the candy store about the snow they went with it!! Even if they were skeptical it didn't show and I'm more than happy with the results!  Danielle and Richard, you guys make my job so easy!! The love is between the two of you is almost impossible to not capture!! I know your wedding will be beautiful and since we have mastered the cold pictures, we'll be believing for warm weather on your wedding day!!

Family Photography - Greenville NC - Schremp Family

This is an amazing family that I loved having in front of the camera!! Years ago while Kristi was pregnant with their daughter, Baylee, she was given a cancer diagnosis. But if you know Kristi, you know she has the most vivacious spirit inside of her so I was thrilled to hear she beat it.  Then last year her cancer came back.  This time, even with treatment the doctors weren't as optimistic, but again if you know Kristi she wouldn't agree to settle!!  She decided to believe for a great outcome!! With her family and friends lifting her up in prayer and supporting her at every turn she has fought this battle with a grace and determination like no other!! Yesterday I saw the greatest report on Facebook straight from Kristi!!  Here is here post:

The SON is shining even though it's raining!!! Praise Report: my scan showed that my cancer has Dramatically Improved and I was told that "dramatically" isn't a word that the radiologist uses. The cancer in my lymph nodes is GONE, the cancer in my liver is GONE and most of the cancer in my bones is gone!! Our God is Awesome!!!

That was like music to my ears!!! So in honor of this most wonderful news I want to share some of the images I took before she started treatment!! Kristi, I am believing with you for complete health!!! All my love!!

Wedding Photography - Merrily & Michael - Stem NC

Getting married in a winter wonderland must cross most girls minds at one point or another.  I know it graced mine as a child on occasion.  But the down side to the winter wonderland is the fear that people won't come or that it could make for dangerous travel.  But what if there were no wintry weather while everyone was traveling, then right before the ceremony it snowed beautiful large flakes to create a winter wonderland for pictures, only to melt while you are at your reception to make travel safe again.  Well that is exactly what happened for Merrily and Michael.  If I were actually controlling the weather I couldn't have planned it more perfectly!!!! It simply was one of the most beautiful situations I have ever been graced with and it couldn't have happened to a more perfect couple!! Take a look at some of my favorite images from an all to perfect day!!