Wedding Photography - Greenville NC - Amanda & Steven

Being surrounded on your wedding day with family and friends that love and support you is no doubt refreshing.  But the amount of love and support that surrounded this couple was intoxicating!!  From every family member to every person in the bridal party, they were over the moon for Amanda and Steven and it showed in every action and every word spoken.  Although their ceremony was traditional, there was a simple and pure uniqueness about this couple that I will always remember!! There was almost a tangible feeling of love between the two.  Although it may sound like a cliche, it was as if they simply completed each other.

Amanda and Steven I can not tell you how much I not only enjoyed your wedding but getting to know you both as a couple!! Being part of your day was amazing and I'm so honored that you chose me to capture your memories!! I hope every time you look at your images it will immediately bring you back to the emotions you felt on your wedding day!! xxoo 

Recap - Help Portrait - Greenville NC - 2010

There are some things in life that from the moment you hear about them you just know you are suppose to be involved! This is how I felt when I heard about this amazing non profit that was circulating world wide.  This program was designed to give hope to the hopeless by having photographers use their skills to capture the beauty of those less fortunate. With less than 5 weeks to the actual date, I asked a group of local photographers if they would be on board with me to make this happen on a local level.  Immediately I was overwhelmed by the want and desire of local photographers to stand with me to make this happen. I knew we could do pictures but I wanted it to be much more than just a picture.  I wanted our neighbors to walk away that day and know that they were special.  So with the help of this amazing community we banded together to provide a service of love on December 5th 2010. Not only were we able to take & print images that day but we were able to provide the women mini make overs, an arts and crafts time for the kids, a cartoonists for fun, goodie bags, a visit from Santa, warm blankets & clothes, as well as a hot meal and bagged lunches.  

I wish I could explain how much this day meant to the participants that day but I think it would be better to show you!! So take a minute and see what a simple act of kindness really means to others!!


Help-Portrait Greenville, NC 12/04/2010 from Shannon Griffin on Vimeo.

This is hopefully just the first of many years of Help Portrait Greenville NC!!! There has already been discussion of how to extend this to more people in need.  If you are moved to help us bring hope to the hopeless in 2011 please contact me.  Together we can make a difference!!!




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Spring is in the Air & Daffodils are in Bloom!!

Anyone from this area knows that one of the highlights every year are the daffodils that bloom on Old Tar Road.  They draw huge crowds from miles away to see their beauty.  It is a place of happiness and joy...well in some cases it's a place of tears and frustration.  Every year as I make the journey out to the magical place I tend to encounter parents that are at their breaking point & are scolding their children to sit still for "just one shot".  Kids are crying, parents are defeated and the magical place turns into yet again a place of chaos.  Many of you reading this have witnessed this same event and perhaps have even participated.  I'm not knocking it because I have proof of my 2 boys literally fighting in the this sea of happiness a few years back.  So in an attempt to keep my clients sane and the children happy I am offering mini sessions over the next few weeks. Sessions will be 20 minutes in length.  If you are interested in one of those spots give me a call at 252-355-5558 or shoot me an email.  Spots are limited and are on first come first serve basis.  

Since I love sharing images here are a few "happy" kids from last year!!

Bridal Portrait- New Bern NC- Amanda

When I offered to shoot Amanda's bridal pictures over Thanksgiving at a place she had never seen before, she immediately responded with..."Sure!"  And that my friends is such an amazing feeling! To have a bride that so completely trusts you that she is willing to go anywhere for her pictures, even if she hasn't been there before!! She'll walk through woods,  on docks, and even flash a brilliant smile to help me convince a restaurant owner to turn on some twinkle lights! 

Amanda, you were absolutely gorgeous in your dress!! I'm ecstatic with how your images came out and I couldn't have had a better time with you and your mom!!  You are exactly what I look for in a bride!! Here are a few of my favs!! xxoo