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Photographer's Retreat - Outer Banks NC - Spring 2011

I think most photographers that do this as a career will agree, photography is one of the greatest yet challenging careers anyone can chose.  Although it's an amazingly creative outlet that allows us to capture moments and stop time, it can also be a very stressful one.  Almost 3 years ago I had a strong desire to create a network of photographers in our area.  There wasn't a certain category you had to fit or a fee you had to pay.  You simply had to be willing to meet together with other local photographers, in hopes of creating a network.  I wanted to the image to shift from, "they are my competition" to "they are my colleagues".  Now we would all be fools to say we aren't each other's competition because that's a natural fact but after almost 3 years of hanging out I'm more likely to call them my friends. 

But why just stop at a monthly meeting?? Last year at the beginning of the Spring I hosted a retreat for any photographer that wanted to get away.  A year quickly passed and before we knew it, it was that time again.  This year some of our past people couldn't make it but those spots were quickly filled with new faces. 

So back in April we headed to the Outer Banks for a weekend that was better than any of us could have imagined!!  When I say I laughed the whole weekend, it's not an overstatement!! From the yummy food, to the hysterical games, to the late night giggles/scares, to the crippling cactuses, and the crazy weather we were determined to shoot through.  This was a weekend that helped me grow closer to the ones I already knew and establish a friendship with those I didn't. I can honestly say, from this weekend I have lifelong friends!! This weekend helped all of us realize, no matter where we are with our photography it is a journey.  A journey that will have it's ups and downs but in the end will make us better at our craft!!!

So to all my friends that took this journey with me..... I look forward to many years of retreats together and many laughs!! Each of you have a special place in my heart and I can't wait until next year!! To share on our journey take a look at our slideshow (images are contributed by everyone there)





And a big shout out to all the models that took time out their schedules to come hang out at the beach with us...... you guys were awesome!!


So I can finally tell you the details of the fun filled photographers retreat.  It will be held Thursday Feb 25 - Sunday Feb 28th 2010 and we are heading down to the beautiful Wilmington, NC.  This weekend will be full of food, shooting time, a critique session, and just plain fun!  This is a retreat!!  I expect there will be a time of learning but it is not expected to be a full blown workshop......it is a retreat! It looks like already half of the spots are full so if you are interested in going make sure you get in touch with me ASAP!!  The price is $350 which will include your lodging and all your meals except one. To reserve your spot you must pay a $200 non refundable deposit.  The other $150 will be due January 25th.  So if you are interested send me a message at lcphoto@suddenlink.net

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